Buying a Second Hand Car?

Need a Pre-Purchase Inspection?

 Whether you want to purchase a used car or are about to hit the open road, get a pre-inspection for greater peace of mind.A comprehensive vehicle inspection will reveal any serious or costly faults in a used vehicle. These are things that a basic Safety Certificate inspection won’t identify.  

 How Much Will A Pre Inspection Cost?

If you’re in the market for a second-hand car, getting a Pre-Purchase Inspection done by a professional mechanic before handing over any money will help give you that added piece of mind.

Pre-Purchase Inspection can cost between $130 - $300, depending on a few factors.

Is it Really Worth the Money?

Should the pre-purchase car inspection identify any faults, these can be used to negotiate with the seller for a reduced price if you wish to go ahead with the vehicle purchase. If no faults are identified, you have definitive peace of mind that you are purchasing a good car. Our mechanics can also advise you regarding future service cost estimates. The content included in a full comprehensive inspection covers major concerns such as gearbox, engine and steering components, to such considerations as paint condition and horn function, as well as a scan tool system check (where possible). Once we have assessed the vehicle, you will be in a better position to decide whether it is worth purchasing.