C.O.I Inspections

Certificate of Inspection ( C.O.I )

 Certificate of Inspection (COI) vehicles (such as heavy vehicles, licensed tow trucks, buses, taxis, limousines and booked hire vehicles) registered in Queensland may need to have a periodic or programmed inspection to check minimum vehicle safety standards. A COI is issued when the vehicle passes the inspection.

Owners of registered COI vehicles must have a current COI at all times, unless exempt. 

The vehicle must be presented in a clean condition and free of excessive grease to ensure the components can be inspected.

The vehicle should be checked for defects and have any necessary repairs completed before presentation for a COI to prevent the need for a re-inspection.

 BlueDog Automotive are accredited by Qld Transport and Main Roads to perform C.O.I's on Uber Cars, Taxi's, Limousines, Hire Cars and some Daycare Vehicles.

To Book Your COI Please Phone or Sms us on 0405712050  

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